Day 1 Dinner: E2 Spinach Starter Salad & Gnocchi with E2 Basics Red Sauce

Hmmm, 4 posts in 24 hours. Am I getting annoying? Eh, it’s a Saturday. Come Mon-Fri I’ll be lucky to get 2 posts in.

The E2 Spinach Starter Salad was great. I added some sprouts and used a recipe from the book to make a dressing with the hummus from the morning. The tangy dressing with the sweetness of the oranges was great.

Unfortunately, we weren’t a huge fan of the Gnocchi with E2 Basics Red Sauce. The sauce with veggie crumbles tasted fine and I added mushrooms, but it was a bit bland. Could’ve used some salt (or parmesian cheese!!!!). But we didn’t add any salt…or the parmesian cheese that is still sitting in our fridge. We didn’t clear out anything from our fridge and pantry as instructed from the prep week. Didn’t have time but we’re able to resist.

It was the gnocchi that felt like blobs of dough. I would make this again with a different type of pasta. We ate it though and we are stuffed. We still have dessert – frozen berries with soy yogurt. If we’re hungry later, we’ll try it. Otherwise we’ll just have to save it for another day.

Oooh, I almost forgot to mention. While shopping at Whole Foods today, they were giving out samples of Hot Chocolate. Of course I went for it because I love chocolate and as the lady handed me a cup, she said it was made with low-fat milk…so I gave it back to her! =)


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