Day 1 Lunch: E2 Stuffed Pita with Hummus

Whew! Another $68 spent at Whole Foods today and I finally have 113 of 114 items on the Week 1 grocery list. Whole Foods didn’t have whole grain hamburger buns. I guess I’ll just use my whole grain sliced bread.

I also did a little price comparison between what I got at Stop & Shop and Wholefoods. Of course, Whole Foods has a much larger selection and variety. Some items were pricier than at Stop & Shop and some of the 365 brands were cheaper than Stop & Shop’s Nature’s Promise brand. If it weren’t for the gas points, I’d prefer to do all my shopping at Whole Foods. It’s just a lot easier to find what I need and the staff drop everything to help you. And boy did I need the help. What in the world is Chicken Flavor Seitan? Now I know.

The $300+ I spent this week will last us well over a week. After today’s meals, I see that Rip’s portion sizes are way larger than what my husband and I can finish. Now that I have leftovers and more groceries than I need for this week, I won’t be able to follow the meal plan to the tee because I need to finish the produce before it goes bad. I may stretch each day’s meal plan to 1.5 or 2 days.

We were very happy with the stuffed pita with homemade hummus. I didn’t have time to add more veggies or experiment with seasonings. I just followed the recipe to the tee and it was yum! Light, refreshing, and we love hummus.


So I’ve been taking the photos with my iphone or ipad. It’s time to use a real camera for better photos….if I can find my camera.

3 hours after lunch I was so hungry. I had a grapefruit and half a vegan cupcake and that hit the spot.

Water. I was never a fan. I would have diet soda, juice, Vitamin Water or a cocktail over drinking water. But now I must drink water. Sparkling flavored water might be a good alternative. Any other suggestions for no sugar drinks with some flavor? Perhaps I should try making my own flavored water with fruit.


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