Day 2

Breakfast: Rip’s Big Bowl

Lunch: E2 Basics Wrap with Gnocchi using last night’s leftover gnocchi. We liked it much better in a wrap. I added some spinach leaves left over from yesterday’s salad. And….I added some salt. I really had to get some flavor in there.


Snack: We shared a cup of strawberry soy yogurt with freshly sliced strawberries. A nice treat!

Dinner Plate: E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza. This is our favorite dish so far. Full of fresh, colorful and tasty ingredients. We have plenty of food left over for tomorrow’s meals.

The plan for tomorrow is Rip’s Big Bowl (still left over from Day 1), Pita with hummus and fresh salsa mix from tonight’s dinner, and more left overs from tonight’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza.

We’re feeling good about the food thus far. Never hungry. Always satisfied. Let’s see how this goes during the work week.


One response

  1. The E2 Black Beans and Rice Extravaganza looks yummy. The green in it looks great.
    I wondered about the Chocolate Mousse–think I’ll skip that one. When in doubt, we just get a 70%+ bar of chocolate to have pieces for our Saturday night dessert or to melt and dip strawberries in it.

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