Day 3 of Being Vegan. I don’t think I ever had one day before this…

I’m having a blah day. My husband got sick last week with headaches and maybe a head cold. I’m not sure if I have what he has, but I had a headache Saturday afternoon which I attributed to dehydration. I just don’t drink enough water but am making an effort these days. Sunday I felt tired even though I had a relatively relaxing weekend. This morning I woke up with another headache and just complete fatigue. I slept through until 3pm, getting up for food and the restroom.

I hope it’s not meat and dairy withdrawal. I was never much of a dairy person so aside from enjoying the occasional cheese pizza or cheeseburger, I don’t think the lack of dairy in my diet should do much. Meat on the other hand was an every meal thing. But I should be getting plenty of protein from everything I’m eating. At the moment, I’m not craving any meat but every time I finish preparing a meal, my husband looks at it and says “It’s missing some bacon.” =P

I still have a slight headache and am tired but at least I’m up and around. I had a little bit of Rip’s big bowl this morning (finally finished the batch I made from Day 1). Lunch at noon was hummus on pita bread topped with leftover chopped veggies from last night’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza. I had enough for 2 of these (and 2 for my husband’s packed lunch plus tonight’s dinner). It was delish.


So I went back to sleep and got up at 3pm for a banana. By 4pm I was hungry again and had a slice of whole grain bread with some nut butter. Deviating from the menu plan but I’m not going to starve myself. I’m already looking forward to dinner, which is the same as last night’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza because I have so much leftovers! 

My biggest fear though is spoilage. Stop & Shop had a buy one get one free on strawberries last Friday so I got those and I had to throw out one box today due to mold. They didn’t look so fresh when I bought them  so I should have known better. Last week I bought a $7 box of organic strawberries from Whole Foods and they were big, beautiful and delicious. I’ll have to be pickier with my produce choices. 

I got a call from my doctor’s office and he will order another blood test for me in 3 months. That sounds so far away but I understand that in order to see some real results of this vegan diet and lifestyle change, a longer period of time would be better. So for this month, weight, how my clothes fit, energy level and overall health and well-being will be my gauge for the Engine 2 Diet. Today would not be a good day to read that gauge. My husband is pretty happy though and it’s only been 3 days! I’m proud of us for getting this far and staying plant strong. 


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