Day 7 Weigh-In

Hubby got home late last night after a birthday party feast….of grilled veggies! He even declined having the chocolate mousse birthday cake even though he had the option to have whatever he wanted! Well, then again, I did tell him no cheese, dairy or meat when he left so maybe I didn’t give him much of an option. He said it was quite hard to do all that at a Mexican restaurant. He did enjoy a lot of the chips and salsa.  I’m so proud of him! 

It wasn’t quite fair for him to do a weigh in after a huge meal. I was also drained by the time he got home and went to bed, though I did do my weigh in…after my vegan cupcake! So the verdict. I have lost 2-3 pounds and my hubby lost 1-2 pounds. It varies depending on the time of day. Let’s see if the scale continues to go down in the coming weeks. I have heard of people who gain weight when they go vegetarian/vegan because they eat so much of the good stuff. 

This week, I will try to incorporate some exercise once I feel back to my old self. I held up well yesterday until the end of the day. I had a huge headache and was so drained I was pretty much knocked out after 8pm. 

Looking forward to trying the pancake recipe for breakfast this morning and off to shopping for week 2!


4 responses

  1. Keep on keeping on! I’m pretty impressed with your husbands restraint. It is hard to know how food is cooked in restaurants. I went to a Mexican restaurant recently and the menu had an asterisk and said they can serve vegan beans and rice with meal upon request. I think a lot of place cook with lard though.

    • Oh yes. He brought home leftover veggies and we had it for lunch today. I had a few bites and while it was good, I could see the grease and oil so it was less appetizing. I ended up finishing leftover salad from last night’s dinner. That was more refreshing.

  2. I find that weighing in the morning gives you a consistent number because you usually don’t have anything left in your stomach to throw it off. 6 Weeks in now and I’m consistently 10 pounds lighter than when I started, which is an awesome bonus because I wasn’t doing it for the weight. 🙂

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