Sunday & Monday’s dinner…

Sunday’s dinner took forever to prep and prepare. In the end, the summer rolls were worth it! I don’t know how they wrap it so nicely in the restaurant. Mine came out quite unpretty, but it held together and tasted great. I also made a sauce from scratch.


I also made Thai noodle. This was pretty quick and easy!


The above recipes came from Vegan Cooking For Carnivores by Roberto Martin.

Monday, 6/25/12

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: leftovers from above, plus a delicious vegan cupcake from Katalina’s

Dinner: went back to Georgie’s Diner. My husband had the Vegan Mediterranean Wrap (with unhealthy fries) and I had the Bean Chili with a bite of the Meatless Meatballs over pasta.




I also made Corn Chowder last night, from Martin’s book, which we will have for lunch and dinner today. Also planning on juicing. I purchased the Jack LaLane juicer. We’ll find out tonight how veggie and fruit juices come out. Toodles!


I’m back!

After a 2 month “break,” we are starting up the vegan diet again. Our 28 days of the Engine 2 Diet was good, and tough. We did see amazing results and my cholesterol was down 20 points after 1 month of the vegan diet and 2 months of non-vegan (though trying to eat healthier overall).

Unfortunately, those 2 non-vegan months brought back several pounds. So here we go again. This time, I won’t be strictly following the Engine 2 diet recipes. I am also going to explore more vegan restaurant options.

Saturday, 6/23/12:

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: Chipotle veggie bowl

Dinner: Bloodroot restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. My husband and I shared the following:

  • Soup: Chick pea & tomato with carrots & potatos (so hearty)
  • Entree: Chinese bean curd skin rolls with jasmine rice and dipping sauce (amazingly delicious!)
  • Dessert: Chocolate “devastation” cake (so rich)

Bloodroot was pricey, but everything is organic and locally produced when possible. Quite a different dining experience. We would go back to try more entrees.

Sunday, 6/24/12

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk


  • Vegan Southwestern Omlette with chips and salsa (pretty good) Image
  • Tofu Piccatta (delishious!) Image

Just finished my grocery shopping. I’m working on dinner now!