Sunday & Monday’s dinner…

Sunday’s dinner took forever to prep and prepare. In the end, the summer rolls were worth it! I don’t know how they wrap it so nicely in the restaurant. Mine came out quite unpretty, but it held together and tasted great. I also made a sauce from scratch.


I also made Thai noodle. This was pretty quick and easy!


The above recipes came from Vegan Cooking For Carnivores by Roberto Martin.

Monday, 6/25/12

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: leftovers from above, plus a delicious vegan cupcake from Katalina’s

Dinner: went back to Georgie’s Diner. My husband had the Vegan Mediterranean Wrap (with unhealthy fries) and I had the Bean Chili with a bite of the Meatless Meatballs over pasta.




I also made Corn Chowder last night, from Martin’s book, which we will have for lunch and dinner today. Also planning on juicing. I purchased the Jack LaLane juicer. We’ll find out tonight how veggie and fruit juices come out. Toodles!


I’m back!

After a 2 month “break,” we are starting up the vegan diet again. Our 28 days of the Engine 2 Diet was good, and tough. We did see amazing results and my cholesterol was down 20 points after 1 month of the vegan diet and 2 months of non-vegan (though trying to eat healthier overall).

Unfortunately, those 2 non-vegan months brought back several pounds. So here we go again. This time, I won’t be strictly following the Engine 2 diet recipes. I am also going to explore more vegan restaurant options.

Saturday, 6/23/12:

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: Chipotle veggie bowl

Dinner: Bloodroot restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. My husband and I shared the following:

  • Soup: Chick pea & tomato with carrots & potatos (so hearty)
  • Entree: Chinese bean curd skin rolls with jasmine rice and dipping sauce (amazingly delicious!)
  • Dessert: Chocolate “devastation” cake (so rich)

Bloodroot was pricey, but everything is organic and locally produced when possible. Quite a different dining experience. We would go back to try more entrees.

Sunday, 6/24/12

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk


  • Vegan Southwestern Omlette with chips and salsa (pretty good) Image
  • Tofu Piccatta (delishious!) Image

Just finished my grocery shopping. I’m working on dinner now!

Will catch up soon!

Hi! It’s been a few days and it’s been busy. We’ve kept up the E2 diet and I have all the photos, but probably won’t get to post them until Tuesday evening.

I’ve probably lost just 1 more pound since the week 1 weigh in, but I really feel like I lost a lot of fat and have gotten leaner. Pants need belts and pants that were too tight now fit. =) I’m looking forward to getting into my dresses for spring and summer!

Day 7 Weigh-In

Hubby got home late last night after a birthday party feast….of grilled veggies! He even declined having the chocolate mousse birthday cake even though he had the option to have whatever he wanted! Well, then again, I did tell him no cheese, dairy or meat when he left so maybe I didn’t give him much of an option. He said it was quite hard to do all that at a Mexican restaurant. He did enjoy a lot of the chips and salsa.  I’m so proud of him! 

It wasn’t quite fair for him to do a weigh in after a huge meal. I was also drained by the time he got home and went to bed, though I did do my weigh in…after my vegan cupcake! So the verdict. I have lost 2-3 pounds and my hubby lost 1-2 pounds. It varies depending on the time of day. Let’s see if the scale continues to go down in the coming weeks. I have heard of people who gain weight when they go vegetarian/vegan because they eat so much of the good stuff. 

This week, I will try to incorporate some exercise once I feel back to my old self. I held up well yesterday until the end of the day. I had a huge headache and was so drained I was pretty much knocked out after 8pm. 

Looking forward to trying the pancake recipe for breakfast this morning and off to shopping for week 2!

Day 7 Meals

I went to work today! Feeling much better, almost my old self. And I couldn’t resist….having been out of work the past 4 days, I really missed the vegan cupcake from Katalina’s! I had one for lunch and I have 2 at home, sitting on my dining table, just waiting for me (after my weigh in)! They use vegan cream cheese. I’ll have to look that one up. I’m looking forward to making some vegan cupcakes when I get a chance.

Breakfast was a slice of whole grain toast, thinly spread with nut butter and topped with bananas. One of my favorites, even before taking the Engine 2 Challenge. 


Lunch was meatloaf and broccoli leftovers from last night’s dinner. I had a banana and an apple in the afternoon and just made myself a nice salad with a bunch of produce I haven’t finished, so I didn’t follow the E2 challenge meal for today. Kale, lettuce, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado. Dressing was balsamic vinegar, mustard and agave nectar. Delish!


Hubby is out for a work birthday celebration. Can’t wait to hear what he had at the restaurant! We’ll do the weigh-in later tonight. Then I can have my cupcake!