Day 8 Meals

Keeping this short n sweet. Mmm, recipe said I would make 6 5-inch pancakes. I ended up with 2 very large pancakes. Still tasted great!


Lunch was leftovers.

Dinner was awesome! Panini



Day 7 Weigh-In

Hubby got home late last night after a birthday party feast….of grilled veggies! He even declined having the chocolate mousse birthday cake even though he had the option to have whatever he wanted! Well, then again, I did tell him no cheese, dairy or meat when he left so maybe I didn’t give him much of an option. He said it was quite hard to do all that at a Mexican restaurant. He did enjoy a lot of the chips and salsa.  I’m so proud of him! 

It wasn’t quite fair for him to do a weigh in after a huge meal. I was also drained by the time he got home and went to bed, though I did do my weigh in…after my vegan cupcake! So the verdict. I have lost 2-3 pounds and my hubby lost 1-2 pounds. It varies depending on the time of day. Let’s see if the scale continues to go down in the coming weeks. I have heard of people who gain weight when they go vegetarian/vegan because they eat so much of the good stuff. 

This week, I will try to incorporate some exercise once I feel back to my old self. I held up well yesterday until the end of the day. I had a huge headache and was so drained I was pretty much knocked out after 8pm. 

Looking forward to trying the pancake recipe for breakfast this morning and off to shopping for week 2!

Day 7 Meals

I went to work today! Feeling much better, almost my old self. And I couldn’t resist….having been out of work the past 4 days, I really missed the vegan cupcake from Katalina’s! I had one for lunch and I have 2 at home, sitting on my dining table, just waiting for me (after my weigh in)! They use vegan cream cheese. I’ll have to look that one up. I’m looking forward to making some vegan cupcakes when I get a chance.

Breakfast was a slice of whole grain toast, thinly spread with nut butter and topped with bananas. One of my favorites, even before taking the Engine 2 Challenge. 


Lunch was meatloaf and broccoli leftovers from last night’s dinner. I had a banana and an apple in the afternoon and just made myself a nice salad with a bunch of produce I haven’t finished, so I didn’t follow the E2 challenge meal for today. Kale, lettuce, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado. Dressing was balsamic vinegar, mustard and agave nectar. Delish!


Hubby is out for a work birthday celebration. Can’t wait to hear what he had at the restaurant! We’ll do the weigh-in later tonight. Then I can have my cupcake!

Day 6 Meals

Another day at home. Kind of banned from the office so I don’t spread my germs. Still have waves of fatigue here and there but I am getting better. I can feel it! Mmm, I crave human contact. I feel like I’ve been a hermit at home the past few days…quiet and lethargic. Foggy headed most of the time. =/

Breakfast was….can you guess? Rip’s Big Bowl with almond milk. 

Lunch was….a wrap I made from leftover beans, mushrooms and onions and I added cherry tomatoes, sprouts and some salsa. It was yum as usual! While I was having the wrap, I felt quite satisfied that I knew exactly what I was putting into my body. There’s no mystery meat, fats or oils, or chemicals that I can’t pronounce. Of course I then thought, well what chemicals were used to fertilize and grow these veggies? Am I going organic now? Though the thought of buying local does appeal to me.


Dinner was Meatloaf with Steamed Broccoli. Meatloaf had tofu, celery, onion, garlic, veggie crumbs, and a bunch of spices. Turned out great! My husband loved it. Thanks to my hubby for helping to prep when I was too tired to take on the challenge. 


And here it is plated. 


Enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Not so much looking forward to another week of grocery shopping….and more to comment on that. I have yet to use quite a bit of the produce from week 1 and I did have to toss a few items that went moldy. I may need to plan for 2 shopping trips per week. Anyhow, I have been on the scale everyday and will have my week 1 weigh in tomorrow night…but so far, it’s been going down itty bitty by bitty.

Day 5 Dinner – Portobello Mushroom Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

I had an apple with nut butter for a snack between lunch and dinner. I also had a few bites of yummy 70% chocolate. Mmmmm.

Dinner was amazing tonight! Portobello Mushroom Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries!


There hasn’t been a whole lot of cooking the past few days, but a lot of time on prep. Slicing and dicing. I’ve never used my Magic Bullet so much! I love using it for hummus, beans, (used it for the chocolate mousse tofu…ick) and banana ice cream! I think I will treat myself to banana ice cream tonight. 

I’m wondering if I should invest in a food processor. Would that cut down prep time in terms of slicing and dicing? I have a blender and a magic bullet so I’m good on the smoothies, hummus, ice cream, etc. Any thoughts or suggestions for other must have tools in the kitchen? 




Day 5 Breakfast & Lunch

Well, had a visit to the doctor this morning. I have a viral infection, passed on from my hubby who started getting sick last week. He has more cold symptoms whereas I just have wave after wave of absolute fatigue. Doc says there’s no way it’s due to the vegan diet. It’s healthier! I think I’m getting better with each day though I’m contagious so I’m home again today. 

I had a banana on the go this morning and when I got home, I had Rip’s Big Bowl. Lunch was E2 Basics Taco, easy to prepare. Mashed black beans, shredded romaine lettuce and salsa from the jar (I took shortcut rather than homemade salsa). I had 3 of these. Yum. 


Day 4 Meals

Had to take another day off from work due to headache and extreme fatigue. But today was better than yesterday. Only in bed until noon instead of 3pm. Still a bit foggy headed but I really need to get back to work tomorrow. Is there such a thing as sugar, dairy, fat and meat withdrawal? I hope that’s what it is and nothing more serious. I do have a doctor’s appt. in the morning so good to get checked out just in case.

Today’s lunch (maybe breakfast since I got out of bed at noon), according to Day 4 of the E2 weekly planner, was supposed to be the Green Leafy Wrap with Stir Fry. I just did the stir fry and put it in a large tortilla wrap because it was easier to pack for lunch. It was okay. My first time trying seitan. Not a huge fan but it provides a meatier texture which is nice. I had half of it before I realized I had forgotten to take a photo!

By 3pm I was hungry and had some Rip’s big bowl with sliced strawberries and soy milk. I’m surprised I’m not sick of it yet as I’ve had it 4 days in a row now.

We snacked on Garden of Eatin’ Baked Yellow Chips (120 calories, 2g of fat per serving) with E2 Salsa (can of roasted tomatoes, garlic, green onions and lime juice).

Dinner was Chalupas and Salsa, recipe found in the Engine 2 book. It was delicious! Up there next to Day 2’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza.

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Everything tasted so fresh and delish! I’m looking forward to weighing in on Friday night to see if I have any weight gain or loss. I do feel a bit lighter!

Thoughts on seafood

Chowing on my dinner now and am pretty full just halfway through. I think the banana and slice of bread with nut butter earlier filled me up more than I thought. Oh, I also had a few more bites of the tofu chocolate mousse I made yesterday. I was able to tolerate a few more spoonfuls. Just couldn’t see it go to waste.

So I’ve seen quite a bit on health effects of dairy, processed foods and meats. What about seafood, fresh out of the sea? I love sushi and seafood. What are the health implications? I’ll be interested to research and read about this over the next few days.

Day 3 of Being Vegan. I don’t think I ever had one day before this…

I’m having a blah day. My husband got sick last week with headaches and maybe a head cold. I’m not sure if I have what he has, but I had a headache Saturday afternoon which I attributed to dehydration. I just don’t drink enough water but am making an effort these days. Sunday I felt tired even though I had a relatively relaxing weekend. This morning I woke up with another headache and just complete fatigue. I slept through until 3pm, getting up for food and the restroom.

I hope it’s not meat and dairy withdrawal. I was never much of a dairy person so aside from enjoying the occasional cheese pizza or cheeseburger, I don’t think the lack of dairy in my diet should do much. Meat on the other hand was an every meal thing. But I should be getting plenty of protein from everything I’m eating. At the moment, I’m not craving any meat but every time I finish preparing a meal, my husband looks at it and says “It’s missing some bacon.” =P

I still have a slight headache and am tired but at least I’m up and around. I had a little bit of Rip’s big bowl this morning (finally finished the batch I made from Day 1). Lunch at noon was hummus on pita bread topped with leftover chopped veggies from last night’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza. I had enough for 2 of these (and 2 for my husband’s packed lunch plus tonight’s dinner). It was delish.


So I went back to sleep and got up at 3pm for a banana. By 4pm I was hungry again and had a slice of whole grain bread with some nut butter. Deviating from the menu plan but I’m not going to starve myself. I’m already looking forward to dinner, which is the same as last night’s E2 Black Beans & Rice Extravaganza because I have so much leftovers! 

My biggest fear though is spoilage. Stop & Shop had a buy one get one free on strawberries last Friday so I got those and I had to throw out one box today due to mold. They didn’t look so fresh when I bought them  so I should have known better. Last week I bought a $7 box of organic strawberries from Whole Foods and they were big, beautiful and delicious. I’ll have to be pickier with my produce choices. 

I got a call from my doctor’s office and he will order another blood test for me in 3 months. That sounds so far away but I understand that in order to see some real results of this vegan diet and lifestyle change, a longer period of time would be better. So for this month, weight, how my clothes fit, energy level and overall health and well-being will be my gauge for the Engine 2 Diet. Today would not be a good day to read that gauge. My husband is pretty happy though and it’s only been 3 days! I’m proud of us for getting this far and staying plant strong. 

Day 2 Dessert – E2 Chocolate Mousse

Thought I’d end the evening with some dessert. I made the E2 Chocolate Mousse with tofu, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and agave nectar. I love tofu but not chocolate flavored pureed tofu. After pretending to have rich, creamy, chocolate mousse, i got through half my cup and it still tasted like chocolate flavored pureed tofu. Could’t finish it. Ick. I will cross this one off my recipe list.

On another note, it’s only been two days but we are experiencing, how shall I say, healthy movements with all this fiber. When I asked my husband about it, he said, “It’s like chocolate mousse!” Ewwww….TMI? But you vegans out there, you know what I’m talking about.