I’m back!

After a 2 month “break,” we are starting up the vegan diet again. Our 28 days of the Engine 2 Diet was good, and tough. We did see amazing results and my cholesterol was down 20 points after 1 month of the vegan diet and 2 months of non-vegan (though trying to eat healthier overall).

Unfortunately, those 2 non-vegan months brought back several pounds. So here we go again. This time, I won’t be strictly following the Engine 2 diet recipes. I am also going to explore more vegan restaurant options.

Saturday, 6/23/12:

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: Chipotle veggie bowl

Dinner: Bloodroot restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. http://www.bloodroot.com/ My husband and I shared the following:

  • Soup: Chick pea & tomato with carrots & potatos (so hearty)
  • Entree: Chinese bean curd skin rolls with jasmine rice and dipping sauce (amazingly delicious!)
  • Dessert: Chocolate “devastation” cake (so rich)

Bloodroot was pricey, but everything is organic and locally produced when possible. Quite a different dining experience. We would go back to try more entrees.

Sunday, 6/24/12

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with almond milk

Lunch: http://georgies-diner.com/

  • Vegan Southwestern Omlette with chips and salsa (pretty good) Image
  • Tofu Piccatta (delishious!) Image

Just finished my grocery shopping. I’m working on dinner now!


T minus 1

This is my first blog! The motivation for starting is to document the next few weeks of taking the Engine 2 diet 28-day challenge.

A little background:

Last weekend, my husband and I watched Forks over Knives and were inspired to try a healthier lifestyle. We also watched the Engine 2 program and were sold.

We certainly can use a few pounds off and lower our cholesterol. I had my blood test on Monday and my husband will have his in 2 weeks. Hopefully we can see a drop in cholesterol. We’d like to incorporate some exercise in our plan as well.

While the challenge is a whole plant based diet with no meat or dairy, we decided that we would stick to the diet at home and prepare meals for work. However, in social or family settings, we will have the option to have meat and dairy if it is a family style meal. I’m hoping we will have enough self-control and awareness to choose the healthiest options available. Our goal at this point is not to be vegan for life but to try a healthy lifestyle change. If at the end of this process we learn about healthy ingredients, unprocessed foods and recipes and can incorporate that into our daily lives, that would be a success to us.

2.5 hrs of shopping over 2 days and $250 later (that’s $1 a minute!), this is the result of our first week’s groceries.


This is everything except the few staples I already had at home, a few items that I couldn’t find at Stop & Shop (will go to Whole Foods tomorrow) and the Katalina’s cupcakes at the lower right corner of the photo. These are DELICIOUS vegan cupcakes that we had Friday night to kick-start our new diet.

Saturday morning will be our first vegan breakfast – RIP’s big bowl. I put the dry ingredients together (2 servings, one for me and one for my husband) tonight so that I will only need to prepare the fruit in the morning.


Thus far, this process has taken up a lot of time and quite a bit of money for groceries. However, we spend a lot eating out and ordering in so this is a good investment of time and money into our health. I will try to do most of my shopping at Stop & Shop for the gas points and then I will go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for ingredients I can’t find.