Day 9 and 10

Missed a day of blogging on Sunday!

Breakfast = same chocolate chip pancakes with sliced bananas. It was so good on Saturday, I had to have it again!

Lunch = Hubby made me an awesome veggie burger!

Dinner = I wasn’t feeling well and we were low on groceries so we copped out and ordered in Chinese food. Braised tofu, Chinese spinach in garlic sauce, brown rice, and my boo boo which was spinach tofu soup which had some egg white in it. Quite nice to have some Chinese food. Oily, yes. Did we enjoy it? YES!

Today, I had Rip’s Big Bowl for breakfast, leftover spinach tofu soup for lunch, apple, banana and salsa and chips as snacks between meals. After $120 at Whole Foods for week 2 groceries, I made the veggie pizza. Delish! Veggie crumbs, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, garlic, sliced tomatoes.

I’ve lost a few pounds but I really see it in my waistline. I need to wear belts now!


Thoughts on seafood

Chowing on my dinner now and am pretty full just halfway through. I think the banana and slice of bread with nut butter earlier filled me up more than I thought. Oh, I also had a few more bites of the tofu chocolate mousse I made yesterday. I was able to tolerate a few more spoonfuls. Just couldn’t see it go to waste.

So I’ve seen quite a bit on health effects of dairy, processed foods and meats. What about seafood, fresh out of the sea? I love sushi and seafood. What are the health implications? I’ll be interested to research and read about this over the next few days.