Day 11 – Tofu Steak!

Back on track now. Breakfast was a fave nut butter with sliced bananas on whole wheat bread.

Lunch was last night’s leftover pizza. It was great out of the oven but the crust just wasn’t the same after an overnight in the fridge and a pop in the microwave. It would probably taste good being reheated in a toaster oven.

Tonight’s dinner was Tofu Steaks. I didn’t do the mashed potatoes and green beans on the E2 recipe and just did portobello mushrooms and red peppers instead. I topped it with veggie crumbles left over from pizza the night before and it was great.

Even though this was a large meal for me, it wasn’t filling enough for the hubby. Two hours later he made a veggie burger which hit the spot. As he put it, he’s the vegan who has secondsies.

We topped off the evening with a little bit of lemon sorbet. A nice treat!

Hubby is finally getting his blood test tomorrow, 11 days into the diet. Hopefully the numbers have dropped since his test last year.